"Welcome to the midsummer of the Golden Heron, and sing in praise of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" - the finals of the 13th "Golden Heron Good Voice" Singing Competition was successfully held

Sing youth with singing, and let go of dreams with youth. In order to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, promote the development of corporate culture and enrich the amateur cultural life of employees. Sponsored by the Golden Egret Trade Union and undertaken by the Golden Egret Youth League Committee, "Welcome to the Midsummer of Golden Egret and Praise the 20th National Congress with Songs" - the 13th "Golden Egret Good Voice" Singing Competition will be held in Tong'an Basketball on the evening of September 2, 2022. The field was successfully held. At the same time, this competition was held in the form of regular group and red song group for the first time.

I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy - the 2022 Spring Tungsten Powder Division Staff Fun Games ended successfully

In order to enrich the spare time life of the employees of the division, enhance the cohesion of the employees, and strengthen the physique of the employees, at 3:30 p.m. on June 24th, the 2022 Spring Tungsten Powder Division Staff Fun Games hosted by the Powder Branch will be held in the comprehensive building of Xiamen Golden Egret Jimei Plant. held before.

The boats compete with each other, and the golden egrets compete for the upper reaches - the first dragon boat race event of the operation branch in 2022

 In order to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and to care for the physical and mental health of employees and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, the operation branch held the first "Dragon Boat Peer Competition in 2022" in Jimei Dragon Boat Pool on June 19 and 25, 2022 respectively. Merry, golden egrets fight for the upper reaches of the same heart" dragon boat racing activity.

"We are chefs" - the first cultural experience activity of the tool branch in 2022 was successfully completed

In order to enrich the employees' amateur cultural life and lead the majority of employees to acquire knowledge and nutrition from different cultural activities, the Tool Branch held the first cultural experience activity of the Tool Branch in 2022 with the theme of "We Are Chefs" on June 19. 

DIY pottery show good craftsmanship - remember the pottery DIY activity of the Powder Branch

In order to care about the physical and mental health of employees, and to enrich and broaden their spare time cultural life, the Powder Branch held a pottery DIY activity on May 21, 2022 with the theme of "DIY pottery, show good craftsmanship". The purpose of this activity is to provide relaxation and leisure opportunities for employees who are in intense production and serious business work, enhance unity and mutual assistance among employees, and enhance group cohesion; care about employees' lives, and actively carry out healthy cultural activities to keep them in a positive state of mind. And fashion style, for the company to achieve greater success.

The 2022 "Xia Tungsten Cup" badminton competition will start

In order to enrich the sports life of the employees of the group, improve the overall quality of the employees, and enhance the friendship between the branches and subsidiaries of the group, from June 18th to 19th, the "Xiatungsten Cup" badminton competition was hosted by the Xiamen Tungsten Trade Union and undertaken by the Xiamen Tungsten Youth League Committee. The game started hotly at the Wuyuanwan Sports Hall. This competition is divided into team competition, badminton men's singles event and women's singles event. A total of 9 teams from each company within the group participated in the competition, and a total of 12 players from the Golden Heron Team led by Huang Quandeng of the Equipment Department participated in the competition.

Xiamen Golden Egret Powder Branch Quality Expansion Activity - Rapid progress and greater glories

In order to enrich the entertainment life of employees, let everyone relax after work, breathe fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature, relieve work pressure, and at the same time enhance the communication between various departments, build team awareness, and improve the cohesion of the powder division. The Powder Branch organized a quality development activity with the theme of "Forge ahead with rapids and create brilliance again".

The quality development of "cohesion and win-win cooperation" of the operation branch came to a successful conclusion

In order to enrich the employees' amateur cultural life and enhance the cohesion, sense of honor and team combat effectiveness of team members, the operation branch held a theme for employees from June 5th to 6th during the intense and busy work of "cohesion and win-win cooperation". The quality development activities, improve the team's spirit of cooperation, build a harmonious and efficient team, bring a touch of coolness to the hot summer, and bring a touch of laughter to the busy work.

In 2021, the outdoor expansion mountaineering activity of Golden Heron "Mango" was a complete success

In order to let everyone get out of the office, get close to nature, walk into the green, and release work pressure, on June 5th, which coincides with the solar term of "Mango Seeds", our labor union organized an outdoor event with the theme of "Walking into lucid waters and lush mountains and sharing a healthy life". Expanding mountaineering activities, more than 80 colleagues came to Quanzhou, the "Citong City", to participate in this activity.

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