Company Profile

Company Profile:


Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co. Ltd., established in 1989, is a Sino-foreign joint venture state-level high-tech enterprise and a key member of the state-owned listed company Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.

The company is committed to the research and development and production of high-quality tungsten powder materials, cemented carbide, precision cutting tools and other tungsten products, as well as the provision of professional solutions in the industry. It is a well-known supplier of tungsten powder, cemented carbide and cutting tools.

With the product integration technology research and development of the complete tungsten industry chain, as well as the realistic and innovative management concept, Golden Egret has always maintained a strong development momentum, providing cost-effective tungsten powder products and services for global users, and solving high hardness, resistance to High temperature, wear resistance, provide excellent products and perfect solutions, customers all over the world, well-known at home and abroad.

The company has more than 3,000 employees, 5 production bases, 4 overseas sales companies and 1 enterprise technology center. Planning Project", "National Key New Product" development project and provincial and municipal key research topics, and was rated as "Strategic Emerging Industry Backbone Enterprise", "Innovative Enterprise", "Advanced Technology Enterprise"; won the first prize including National Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and many other patents and awards; cutting tools have obtained 75 invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents.


product description:


Golden Egret has three main businesses, namely tungsten powder, cemented carbide, and cutting tools.

Tungsten powder products belong to the Powder Division. The main products are tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, cobalt powder, compound carbide, mixed materials, etc., and its business covers more than 40 industrially developed countries and regions around the world. Jinlu tungsten powder products are widely used in cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, mining tools, top hammers, high specific gravity alloys, petroleum perforating bullets, pure tungsten products, electrical alloys, targets and other industries. With a complete tungsten industry chain and high investment in technology research and development, as well as pragmatic and innovative management concepts, we provide global users with cost-effective tungsten powder products and high-quality services.


Mining alloys and precision parts products belong to Alloy Business Division II. Jinlu's high-performance alloys for high-performance mining and construction machinery account for the first place in China, the second in terms of production scale, and the domestic market share of its products exceeds 15%; the main products of precision parts are oil and gas wear-resistant parts, which are the world's major oil service companies certified suppliers, the products are mainly exported. Alloys and precision parts for Jinlu Mine are widely used in mining, oilfield mining, road construction, pile foundation engineering and subway tunnel construction.


Carbide bar products belong to the Alloy Business Division. At present, the output ranks the top two in the industry, and the market share of the main market exceeds 30%. Jinlu cemented carbide bar products have excellent performance and are mainly used for cutting, drilling and milling of difficult-to-machine materials such as metal materials, composite materials, and superalloy materials. They are widely used in automotive, 3C, aerospace, woodworking industries and other related fields. In recent years, through continuous research and innovation, a number of grades suitable for processing high hardness materials have been developed. Products continue to meet customer needs, save processing costs for customers, improve efficiency, and then strive for more market shares.


Cutting tool products belong to the Cutting Tool Division. At present, our company has excellent domestic tool product development and manufacturing capabilities, and provides customers with a complete set of processing solutions in various high-end application fields such as aerospace, land transportation, energy equipment manufacturing, mold, 3C and other industries.


In terms of 3C industry, Jinlu's high-performance 3C electronics industry solutions are committed to the research and development and production of tools in the electronic communication industry. and other customers to provide professional solutions. In the automotive industry, Xiamen Jinlu has a good cooperative relationship with major domestic and foreign auto manufacturers, and provides customers with customized engine, chassis, crankshaft and other complete solutions to solve customers' processing problems. In the aerospace industry, XiamenGolden Egret has become the mainstream supplier of cutting tools in the aerospace industry. It has undertaken a number of major national projects and won the title of the best supplier in the AVIC industry. Its products are widely used in aircraft engines, wing spars, landing gear and other important components. processing. In terms of mold industry, Xiamen Jinlu is a senior expert in the field of mold industry processing. It provides high-quality products for mold industries such as home appliance molds, automobile molds, and consumer electronics molds. The output and quality of mold tools are well received.