GHDS dual-spiral inner-cooling shallow hole drill

Product Characteristics

Dual-spiral inner-cooling structure technology-more proper structure and smooth chip removal; optimized inner and outer blade structure design-inner and outer blade has more balanced stress and stable machining; outgoing water of inner-cooling hole sprays front cutter face directly-more sufficient cooling, higher supporting strength of outer cutter holder; advanced surface treatment mode-eliminate drill surface stress, featuring green and environmental protection. 

Application Fields

It is widely applied to automobile, energy, die, valve, general and engineering machinery industries.

Application Case

Case 1-valve bolt hole machining of valve industry
Cutter model: PQPMG110408-DP-GM3220
Cutter specification: GHD-350-3D-FC40-Q11S
Machining material: 16Mn (HRC28)
Cutting speed: Vc=200 m/min
Feed: fn=0.055 mm/rev
Drilling depth: 90 mm (through-hole)
Machining equipment: vertical machining center

Cooling mode: inner-cooling 

Case 2--Main front axle pin hole machining of automobile industry
Cutter model: PQPMG09T308-DP-GA4230
Cutter specification: GHD-320-4D-FC40-Q09S
Machining material: 42CrMo (HRC23-30)
Cutting speed: Vc=127 m/min
Feed: fn=0.12 mm/rev
Drilling depth: 102 mm (through-hole) 
Machining equipment: vertical machining center 
Cooling mode: inner-cooling