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[Energy industry] Machining solution to wind power hub

Industrial Machining Introduction

With progress and improvement of wind power technology, more and more countries are aware of the significance of sustainable energy. The wind power industry grows rapidly under vigorous national support. In 2019, installed scale of renewable wind power energy in China expands constantly, wind power generation realizes new high and utilization level of clean wind power energy enjoys improvement. China will usher in quality and level development of renewable energy power when "the thirteenth Five-Year Plan" is about to end in 2020. 

Wind Power Hub Introduction

Wind power hub is the significant supporting part of wind power equipment and wind wheel consists of 3 vanes and 1 hub. The hub connects with main shaft of wind power unit mutually through bolts and connects with variable pitch bearing for wind wheel vane installation simultaneously. And torque that is generated by wind wheel vane through air is passed on to the gearbox through main shaft of the fan. This shows the hub plays a significance role in general design and manufacture of wind power unit. The hub is a part with special structure, complex shape, large volume (weight of single part is about 10 t), difficult machining and high machining quality risk. 

Solution Diagram

Application Characteristics

HNEU economic 12-blade face milling
● Sizes of 2 blade: HNEU06 and HNEU09;
● Main deflection of 3 cutter bodies: 15°, 45° and 60°; 
● 4 different groove types: GL, GM and GH cover different machining working conditions; GW realizes smoothing effect;
● Cutter body interface: straight handle, thread and core shaft types;
● Diameter of cutter body: Φ32-Φ315 mm.

Sharp variable front angle design: the front angle decreases with increasing cut depth. For processing of surface hardening material, outstanding chip removal control and multi-deflection cutter body matching are realized through improving flow of cutting to realize multi-function application of blade: 
1)Kr=15°: realize high feed machining and improve metal removal rate; 
2)Kr=45°:match with blade smoothing angle, able to meet higher requirements for surface quality; 
3)Kr=60°:realize more cut depth, maximum cut depth of HNEU09 blade up to 8 mm; 

Application Case 

The case is hub machining case of wind power industry. Under the same working condition, our cutter has longer service life and improved efficiency than those of imported cutters.