"Eight Provisions of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on Improving Work Style and Keeping Close Contact with the Masses"

Release Time:2022-06-28 14:27

(1) To improve investigation and research, go to the grass-roots level to understand the real situation in depth, summarize experience, study problems, solve difficulties, guide work, learn from the masses, learn from practice, have more discussions with the masses, talk with cadres more, and discuss more , dissect more typical models, go to places where difficulties and contradictions are concentrated, and where there are many opinions from the masses, and avoid going through the motions and engaging in formalism; it is necessary to be light-hearted, reduce escorts, and simplify reception. Guest carpets, no flowers and plants, no banquets.

(2) It is necessary to streamline meeting activities, effectively improve the atmosphere of meetings, strictly control various national meetings and major events held in the name of the central government, and do not hold general arrangements for work and raise requirements. Such as ribbon-cutting, foundation-laying activities and celebrations, commemorative meetings, commendation meetings, expositions, seminars and various forums; improve the effectiveness of meetings, hold short meetings, speak short stories, and avoid empty words and clichés.

(3) It is necessary to simplify documents and briefings, and effectively improve the style of writing. Documents and briefings that have no substance and may or may not be issued will not be issued.

(4) It is necessary to standardize the visit activities, reasonably arrange the visit activities from the perspective of the overall situation of the diplomatic work, strictly control the personnel accompanying the visit, and take the means of transportation in strict accordance with the regulations.

(5) It is necessary to improve the security work, adhere to the principle of being conducive to contacting the masses, reduce traffic control, and generally do not close roads or close venues for unclear reasons.

(6) To improve news reporting, the comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee should decide whether to report according to work needs, news value, and social effects, and further reduce the number, word count, and duration of reports.

(7) Strictly publish manuscripts. Except for the unified arrangement of the central government, individuals will not publish books, speeches, congratulatory letters, congratulatory telegrams, or inscriptions or inscriptions.

(8) To be diligent and thrifty, strictly abide by the relevant regulations on clean government, and strictly implement the regulations on work and living benefits such as housing and vehicle equipment.