"The Communist Party of China's Integrity and Self-discipline Guidelines"

Release Time:2022-06-28 14:27

All Party members of the Communist Party of China and leading cadres of Party members at all levels must be firm in the ideal of communism and the belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics, must adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, must inherit and carry forward the fine traditions and style of the party, must consciously cultivate noble moral sentiments, and strive to promote The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, being honest and self-disciplined, accepting supervision, and always maintaining the advanced nature and purity of the party.

  Party members integrity and self-discipline norms:

  The first article insists on the separation of public and private, first public and private, self-discipline and public service.

  The second article insists on upholding integrity and rejecting corruption, being an innocent person, and doing things cleanly.

  Article 3: Adhere to thrift and avoid extravagance, be hard and simple, and be diligent and thrifty.

  Article 4: Adhere to endure hardship first, enjoyment second, and be willing to sacrifice.

  Party members and leading cadres are clean and self-disciplined:

  Article 5: Conduct political affairs with integrity, and consciously maintain the qualities of public servants of the people.

  Article 6: Use power honestly and consciously safeguard the fundamental interests of the people.

  Article 7 Be honest and self-cultivation, and consciously improve the ideological and moral realm.

  Article 8: Keep the family clean and tidy, and consciously take the lead in establishing a good family style.

  The Code of Integrity and Self-discipline for Chinese Communist Party Members came into effect on January 1, 2016.

  The "Several Criteria for Leading Cadres of the Communist Party of China for Integrity in Politics" shall be repealed at the same time.