"A Century of Party History Youth Says, Golden Heron Story Craftsman Says" Award-winning essay selection

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In order to welcome and publicize the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the company deeply cultivates the feelings of love for the party, patriotism, socialism, and love of Golden Egret, and guides the masses of workers to keep in mind the responsibility of the times, firmly follow the party, make contributions to the new era, and become stronger tungsten Industry, the company's party committee, the trade union, and the Youth League Committee jointly held the theme essay activity of "Centennial Party History Youth Talks, Golden Heron Story Craftsmen Talk", and collected more than 20 papers. The outstanding papers are now selected as follows.



      01 Learn the history of the party for a hundred years, draw on the strength to move forward, and continue to write the story of the Golden Heron

When I first entered the workplace, I learned the spirit of manned spaceflight and devoted myself to domestic cutting tools
. I graduated from undergraduate degree in June 2012, and joined Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co., Ltd. in July 2012. At that time, I only had a preliminary understanding and understanding of cutting tools. In the same year, on June 16, 2012, the "Shenzhou" 9 manned spacecraft was successfully launched, marking a good start and an important step for the manned rendezvous and docking mission of "Tiangong-1" and "Shenzhou-9". This has greatly inspired me, who is studying the machinery industry, to learn the spirit of manned spaceflight, which can endure hardships, fight, tackle key problems, and contribute, and is determined to contribute to China's manufacturing and aerospace development.

After joining the job, actively learn tool-related products and application knowledge, do things seriously, be a real person, and adhere to a realistic and serious work style. At the same time, I dare to try and be diligent in exploration, learn machining center operation and programming in the tool test and application center, and learn challenging tasks such as tool programming, grinding wheel dressing and tool grinding in the overall tool manufacturing department. After three years of unremitting efforts, he has gradually grown into a qualified tool developer, and participated in the 2014 Golden Egret new product launch conference to release new products. my country's manned spaceflight industry has also achieved rapid development and made major new progress. On June 11, 2013, the "Shenzhou" 10 manned spacecraft was successfully launched and successfully completed two rendezvous and docking tasks with the Tiangong 1 target aircraft. On October 17, 2016, the "Shenzhou" 11 manned spacecraft was successfully launched, and it successfully rendezvous and docked with the Tiangong-2 space laboratory during its orbital flight.

In the growth stage, learn the spirit of the Great Long March and gain the strength to move forward

After three years of employment, I took the post of R&D technician, mainly responsible for the development of common steel end mills for general processing, product model and specification supplementation, product market development and promotion, and technical support for key end customers such as Zhuhai Gree and Shandong Himile. And won the honorary title of "Advanced Staff" of Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co., Ltd. At the same time, 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese Workers and Peasants' Red Army's Long March, striding forward on the new Long March. The Long March of the Red Army not only created an epic war, but also composed a spiritual epic full of pride, forging the great Long March spirit. The Long March spirit has provided a strong spiritual driving force for the Chinese revolution to continue from victory to victory.

I deeply understand that obtaining the title of "Advanced Employee" is just the beginning. It is necessary to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Long March, continuously improve my professional skills and professionalism, develop more new products to meet market demands, continuously expand market share, and enhance the brand of our tools. popularity and market share. Later, I served as the project manager of ordinary steel knives. In the face of huge challenges, learning the spirit of the Great Long March provided me with a strong motivation to move forward. The spirit of the Great Long March is to put the fundamental interests of the people of the whole country and the Chinese nation above all else, to be firm in the ideals and beliefs of the revolution, and to firmly believe that the just cause will inevitably win; it is the spirit of upholding independence, seeking truth from facts, and proceeding from reality. Inherit and carry forward the Long March spirit, which is an inexhaustible driving force for building a new Long March of socialism with Chinese characteristics and a spiritual resource for promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In the expansion stage, do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and forge ahead

Party membership has inspired me to receive many honors. I remember that from October 18th to 24th, 2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing. I benefited a lot from this meeting, and I deeply realized the significance of this meeting. Now that we have entered a new era, this is an era in which all Chinese sons and daughters work together to create a better future.

Looking back on 2021, countless unforgettable moments still make people emotional. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Communist Party of China, which is a milestone year in the history of the party and the country. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Golden Egret Party Committee organized a variety of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, and carried out education and training on the theme of "Learning Party History and Understanding Thoughts", expressing respect for the Party, love for the Party, Sincere heart of loyalty to the party.

Celebrating the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and striving for a new journey, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing in the second half of 2022. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is a very important congress convened at an important moment when our party has entered a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way and to the second centenary goal. It is a major event in the political life of the party and the country. At the same time, the company is also facing great challenges in 2022. A great cause requires a great revolutionary spirit. As a member of the Communist Party of China in the new era, he will continue to work hard to do a good job in personnel training and planning, market information research, customer development and technical services. At the same time, we strictly demand ourselves according to the standards of party members, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, strive to complete the performance goals in 2022, continuously improve the company's market competitiveness and brand awareness, and make unremitting efforts to "strengthen China's tungsten industry".

Xiamen Jinlu Eighth Party Branch

Tool Technology Marketing Department

Sun Peng


02 A kind and upright heart will touch everything——I feel after reading Chen Xingjia's life notes "At the Turn of the Xiajiang River"

As for Chen Xingjia, I have never paid attention to him before. It was only after some discussions about him on the Internet recently that I noticed such a person. I heard that the book "At the Turn of the Xiajiang" is very popular online, and it needs to be reprinted in just 2 months. So I also bought his book online to find out what kind of person he was.

After receiving the book, I couldn't wait to open it and read it. The number of pages in the book is not too many. I read it word by word from the preface. When I read the first book "Me and My Mother", I read and read me Tears streamed down his cheeks. How similar the background of his growth and the scenes he described are to my childhood; how similar are his mother's industriousness, kindness, and compassion to mine!

Poverty was a common phenomenon in the countryside at that time. At that time, my father was working in a large state-owned enterprise in the next city. Although he was only more than 50 kilometers away from home, he seldom returned home. He had to concentrate all his vacations on the busy farming season. I just came back, so the burden of the whole family fell on my mother. At that time, my mother was thin and sick. The family had more than 3 acres of paddy fields and several acres of mountain soil, all relying on my mother to farm alone. I can't come back until it's dark, and I learned to cook at the age of seven.

I remember that around 1986, all five sisters in my family were in school, the eldest sister and brother were in college, the second sister was in high school, and my sister and I were in elementary school. The grandmother needed support, and life was extremely difficult, but the parents did their best to send all their children to school, which was very rare in the countryside at that time.

In the current situation of the countryside at that time, the only way to get out of the countryside was to take an entrance exam. The suffering experience in the countryside made Chen Xingjia have a strong sense of sympathy and mission for the people at the bottom. The arduous course of study made me see a self-improvement Chen Xingjia. His outstanding performance in school was the accelerator for his career progress after entering politics. His perseverance and never-say-die spirit are his intrinsic motivation to do a good job. He sympathized with the working people, and he hated bureaucracy and corruption. His own integrity and integrity are the capital that he dares to show his sword to corrupt elements and bureaucracy. During his five years as Party secretary of Badong County, he sent 87 corrupt people to prison, including his immediate boss and the county magistrate who worked with him.

Retreat bravely, turn beautifully. None of these can explain the reason for his resignation to do public welfare. The real reason is his great love in his heart and his love for ordinary people. This kind of love transcends the boundaries of family affection and class. It is a sense of responsibility and mission to the society. It is the kindness that flows in the blood, and this kindness is deeply influenced by the mother. He can go to an official position to eat with AIDS families, go to a disabled family for the New Year, bring drop-out children back to school one by one, write down the appeals of the petitioners one by one, and let officials at or above the sub-department level in the county go to poor families. Befriending poor relatives... These are all kinds of love, kindness and responsibility.

The road that Chen Xingjia is now walking is a road of great love. Let more people with great love take this road. The more people who walk on this road, the faster the great rejuvenation of our nation and the happiness of the people. feel stronger.

"Those who work for the common people should not make their reputation disappear in the wind and snow. Those who work for the public's welfare should not make their younger generation trapped in thorns." After reading this book, I only understood the loneliness and loneliness of a true idealist. Resilience. The most precious communication in the world is understanding, so when I read this book, I was often moved beyond my control. The greatest gift of the times to the post-70s generation is that we are all "grassroots". When we were young, there was no such thing as a "rich second generation" or "official second generation". Each of us has ideals in our hearts, even if we live in The starting point is as low as the dust, and we can also have the dream of "hitting the water in the middle of the stream" to change the status quo, and we can maintain the uncompromising youthful arrogance and fight closely with the hard life, not because of the hardships of life. Always stick to and choose what you believe in.

I believe that kindness and integrity can be passed on and learned. We should not forget the path we have traveled, the hardships we have endured, the people we have helped, the justice we have called for, and the respect we have longed for. It is these things that form the foundation that we are deeply rooted in in life. It is this foundation that allows us to not easily lose the kindness of being human even if we experience loss, taste temptation, experience disillusionment, and accept ridicule in the various worlds in the future. with integrity.

Xiamen Golden Egret Ninth Party Branch

Extrusion Bar Manufacturing Department

Sun Jianping


03 Those who have the will, the things will come true - the story of Golden Egret's youth

At work, we sometimes feel bored because of the boring work, and sometimes we lose confidence because we are busy and work hard but still achieve nothing. In the summer of 2019, I came to Golden Egret with the passion that I just stepped out of the campus. When I was working in the workshop, I was often bored with repetitive and boring work. I felt that the work content was too simple and repetitive, and I didn’t learn anything useful. Knowledge.

However, in the communication with the instructor, he can always introduce the working principle of each component on the equipment skillfully, and the detailed content of pipelines, valves and process routes can be easily obtained. I am amazed at his rich knowledge reserve, and also Ashamed of his ignorance. During the internship, I developed mental inertia in repeated operations, but ignored the most important details. Only by thoroughly understanding the equipment principles and process principles, and making every detail refined and excellent, can I Make excellent tool products.

If the attention to detail reflects the professional attitude of Golden Egret people, then the hard work and hard work are a kind of spiritual inheritance of Golden Egret people. In 1989 of the last century, the first generation of Golden Egret people started their business from Haitian Road, Huli District. At that time, in order to solve equipment problems, technicians devoted themselves to experimental research day and night, and even lived directly in the company. In the company, it is this kind of all-out efforts that have led to the increasingly popular Golden Egret products. From powder to bars and knives, from Huli Factory to Jimei Factory, Tongan Factory and Haicang Factory, the step-by-step expansion of Golden Egret's territory is inseparable from the development and struggle of generations of Golden Egret people. Time goes back to 2022. Now in the Tongan factory, I sometimes make plans for customers until late at night. When I leave the office, I can see that many office lights are still on, and many colleagues are still working on improvement plans for customers and tomorrow. busy with project reports...

If there is a will, things will come true. Whether it is an individual or a collective, it takes hard work to achieve results. In the 100-year history of the development of our party, countless people with lofty ideals have also emerged. They showed us the spirit of hard struggle of the Communists with their actions and even their lives: the Red Army soldiers who climbed snow-capped mountains and crossed the grassland during the Long March, overcome with strong perseverance After all kinds of hardships, the precious living strength of our party has been preserved. During the Jinggangshan period, the military and civilians faced extremely difficult situations in the face of repeated attacks and strict blockades by the Kuomintang army. It was under such conditions that our Party led the people to be fearless against strong enemies and hardships, opened up the first rural revolutionary base area, and won many victories against "advance and suppression" and against "common suppression".

Today, we don't have to rely on "red rice and pumpkin soup" to live, and we don't need to "wear straw sandals in the day and lanterns at night" to work, but the spirit and tradition of our party's hard work cannot be lost. We are in today's increasingly complex international situation. Individual efforts must be combined with the development of the country and the collective. We will continue to strive for the goal of building the Golden Egret brand into an expert in the field of tungsten, and for China to realize the transformation from a tungsten resource country to a tungsten resource country. Continue to strive for the goal of a strong country.


Xiamen Golden Egret Eighth Party Branch

Tool Technology Marketing Department

Zheng Kaiyun


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