Xi Jinping presided over the 39th collective study of the Political Bureau of the 19th Central Committee

Release Time:2022-07-12 13:00

On the afternoon of May 27, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the thirty-ninth collective study on deepening the project of exploring the origin of Chinese civilization. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, emphasized when presiding over the study that the Chinese civilization has a long history and is profound and profound. It is the unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation, the foundation of contemporary Chinese culture, the spiritual bond that maintains the Chinese around the world, and the treasure of Chinese cultural innovation. In the long historical process, with the determination and will of self-improvement, the Chinese nation has gone through a development process different from that of other civilizations in the world. It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the development history of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years, lead the research on the history of Chinese civilization in depth, promote the whole party and the whole society to enhance historical consciousness, strengthen cultural self-confidence, and unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, so as to build socialist modernization in an all-round way. The country and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation are united and struggled.

Wang Wei, director and researcher of the History Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, explained this issue and put forward work suggestions. Comrades from the Political Bureau of the Central Committee listened carefully to the explanation and held discussions.

Xi Jinping delivered an important speech while presiding over the study. He emphasized that our party has always viewed the history of the Chinese nation from the standpoint and method of historical materialism, and inherited and carried forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Through the continuous efforts of several generations of scholars, the research results of major projects such as the Chinese Civilization Origin Project have confirmed my country's million-year human history, 10,000 years of cultural history, and more than 5,000 years of civilization history. The Chinese civilization exploration project has achieved remarkable results, but there is still a long way to go, and it must continue to be advanced and deepened.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the Chinese Civilization Origin Project has a relatively clear understanding of the origin, formation and development of Chinese civilization, the formation and development process of the diverse and integrated pattern of Chinese civilization, and the characteristics and causes of Chinese civilization. know. At the same time, the achievements of the project are still preliminary and phased, there are still many historical mysteries to be solved, and many major issues need to be reached through empirical research and research.

Xi Jinping pointed out that we use the latest technologies of biology, molecular biology, chemistry, geology, physics and other cutting-edge disciplines to analyze the ancient remains of our country, which has provided a solid scientific and technological basis for the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization, and expanded our understanding of China's more than 5,000 years. cognition of the history of civilization. The exploration of the origin and formation of civilization is a complex and long-term systematic project. It is necessary to organically combine archaeological exploration and literature research with natural science and technological means, comprehensively grasp the factors such as material, spiritual and social relations, and gradually restore civilization from the trickle. The development process of stream to river confluence. It is necessary to strengthen overall planning and scientific layout, adhere to multi-disciplinary, multi-angle, multi-level and all-round, intensify joint research on archaeology, history, humanities and natural sciences, expand the scope and coverage of research time and space, and further answer Chinese civilization. Major issues such as the origin, formation, and development of the basic picture, internal mechanism, and the evolution path of each regional civilization.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the Chinese Civilization Origin Project proposes the definition of civilization and the identification of China's plan to enter a civilized society, which has made original contributions to the research on the origin of world civilization. It is necessary to simultaneously do a good job in the publicity, promotion and transformation of my country's "ancient civilization theory" and the research results of the Chinese civilization exploration project, strengthen the research, interpretation, display and dissemination of unearthed cultural relics and sites, and enhance the influence and appeal of Chinese civilization.

Xi Jinping pointed out that in the long history of civilization development of more than 5,000 years, the Chinese people have created a dazzling Chinese civilization and made great contributions to the progress of human civilization. It is necessary to closely combine the study of the origin of Chinese civilization with the study of major issues such as the characteristics and forms of Chinese civilization, in-depth research and interpretation of the development direction of the Chinese nation's community and the evolution pattern of the pluralistic unity of the Chinese nation indicated by the origin of Chinese civilization, and study and interpretation of Chinese civilization. The spiritual characteristics and development form of people-oriented, honesty, justice, harmony and harmony, clarify the profound cultural heritage of the Chinese road. Regarding traditional Chinese culture, we must adhere to the principle of serving the past for the present, innovating the old and bringing forth the new, and inherit and carry forward the excellent elements in it. It is necessary to establish a civilization research discipline system, academic system, and discourse system with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style, so as to provide strong theoretical support for the practice of new forms of human civilization.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the excellent traditional Chinese culture is the crystallization and essence of the wisdom of the Chinese civilization, the root and soul of the Chinese nation, and the foundation for us to stand firm in the turmoil of world culture. We insist on combining the basic principles of Marxism with China's specific reality and with the excellent traditional Chinese culture, constantly promoting the modernization of Marxism in China, and promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. We must adhere to integrity and innovation, promote the adaptation of Chinese excellent traditional culture to socialist society, display the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation, and better build Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese strength. We must adhere to the fundamental guiding ideology of Marxism, inherit and carry forward revolutionary culture, develop advanced socialist culture, and seek the source of living water from the excellent traditional Chinese culture. It is necessary to make full use of the research results of the Chinese Civilization Origin Project and other research results to tell the ancient Chinese history more completely and accurately, and to give better play to the role of history in educating people.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the Chinese civilization has been famous for its openness and inclusiveness since ancient times, and it has been constantly radiating new vitality through exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations. It is necessary to adhere to the civilization concept of promoting equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance, understand with a broad mind the understanding of different civilizations on the connotation of values, respect the exploration of their own development paths by the people of different countries, and transcend the barriers of civilizations with exchanges and mutual learning. Clash of civilizations, the coexistence of civilizations surpasses the superiority of civilizations, promotes the common values ​​of all mankind contained in the Chinese civilization, and promotes the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. We must base ourselves on the land of China, tell the story of Chinese civilization well, and present a credible, lovely and respectable image of China to the world. It is necessary to clarify clearly what kind of civilization and country China is, and clearly explain the Chinese people's outlook on the universe, the world, society, and morality, so as to show the long history and humanistic heritage of Chinese civilization, so that the world can understand China and understand China. The people, understand the Chinese Communist Party, and understand the Chinese nation.

Xi Jinping emphasized that cultural relics and cultural heritage carry the genes and blood of the Chinese nation, and are non-renewable and irreplaceable resources of excellent Chinese civilization. It is necessary to make more cultural relics and cultural heritage come alive, and create a strong social atmosphere for inheriting Chinese civilization. It is necessary to actively promote the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, explore the multiple values ​​of cultural relics and cultural heritage, and spread more value symbols and cultural products that carry Chinese culture and Chinese spirit.

Xi Jinping pointed out that leading cadres at all levels should attach importance to the protection and inheritance of cultural relics and cultural heritage, and provide more policy support for historical and archaeological workers to conduct research, study and exchange. It is necessary to create a strong social atmosphere for the inheritance of Chinese civilization, widely publicize the research results of the Chinese civilization exploration project, educate and guide the masses, especially young people, to better understand and recognize Chinese civilization, and enhance the ambition, backbone, and confidence of being a Chinese.