Jinlu hearts to the party and welcomes the 20th National Congress - Jinlu Party Committee held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 2021-2022 "Two Priorities and One First"

Release Time:2022-08-14 09:39

On June 30, on the occasion of the "July 1st" Party Founding Day, Xiamen Golden Egret Party Committee held a ceremony to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 2021-2022 "two priorities and one priority" commendation meeting in the party member activity room on the fourth floor of Tong'an. Zou Jianping, Lin Gaoan, Yan Guohong, Xie Qichao, members of the company's party committee, Qiu Wei and Wang Mingsheng, members of the executive committee, party branch secretaries, branch committees and award-winning personnel attended the meeting.



At the beginning of the conference, all party members stood up and sang the Internationale.



Then, entrusted by Comrade Wu Qishan, secretary of the company's party committee, Lin Gaoan, member of the party committee, delivered a speech on behalf of the company's party committee. He mentioned that this year is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a crucial year for the 14th Five-Year Plan. He emphasized that, in order to accomplish the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, party members and comrades must strive to be the "guardians" of ideals and beliefs, the "vanguard" of emancipating the mind, and the "doers" of entrepreneurship. Finally, he mentioned that this year, the company's key work and project promotion work has a tight schedule, heavy tasks, and many difficulties. Whether it can be completed on time is a test of our ability and level. Party members and comrades must give full play to their exemplary and leading role, unite the broad masses of employees, attach great importance to their ideology, make careful arrangements in the organization, and count against every second in terms of time, so as to earnestly strive to accomplish our company's goals and tasks this year.



Then, Zou Jianping, member of the company's party committee and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, read out the commendation decision, encouraged the award-winning personnel to make persistent efforts, and called on all party members to learn from the honored comrades, do things seriously, be a real person, keep in mind the teachings of the party, and live up to their youth and responsibility Shaohua continues to make new contributions to the company's development.








Subsequently, the leaders of the company will present awards to the winning groups and individuals.



After the awards, the outstanding party member representative, Comrade Luo Songbai, delivered his acceptance speech. He first thanked the party committee of the company, and said that in the future work and life, he would never live up to the ardent expectations of the organization, prove himself worthy of the honorable title of outstanding Communist Party members with practical actions, and make new achievements in ordinary jobs. greater contribution.




At the end of the conference, Associate Professor Yan Zhenyu from the School of Marxism of Xiamen University gave a party class on the theme of "leading the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises with high-quality party building". Professor Yan first analyzed General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on the construction of party organizations in state-owned enterprises, and took the interpretation of the "Rules of the Communist Party of China on the Work of Grass-roots Organizations in State-owned Enterprises" as an entry point, explained in simple language, and explained the party building work of grass-roots party organizations in state-owned enterprises. importance. Then he gave detailed answers to the two questions focusing on "how to play the role of grassroots party organizations as a fighting fortress" and "how to improve the party building brand building of state-owned enterprises". In response to the problem of party building brand building in grassroots party organizations of state-owned enterprises, he put forward the construction ideas of "one high, two new, three first, four together, and five together" to help everyone escape the predicament of party building brand building.

After the meeting, everyone expressed that they would pay close attention to the company's strategic goals, and form a new driving force to overcome difficulties and promote the high-quality development of Xiamen Golden Egret with my sense of urgency, unstoppable crisis, and unsettled sense of responsibility. Excellent results welcome the party's 20th National Congress victory.

Recognition list

1. Advanced grass-roots party organizations (2)

Xiamen Golden Egret First Party Branch

Xiamen Golden Egret Fifth Party Branch

2. Advanced Party Group (9)

Xiamen Golden Egret First Party Branch Third Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Second Party Branch Second Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Third Party Branch Fourth Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Fourth Party Branch Third Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Fifth Party Branch First Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Sixth Party Branch First Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Seventh Party Branch Third Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Eighth Party Branch First Party Group

Xiamen Golden Egret Ninth Party Branch First Party Group

3. Outstanding Communist Party Members (49)
Lai Donghai, Wang Yue, Cai Dongjie, Zheng Zhiliang, Shen Siqi, Guo Meiling, Chen Jinxing, Zeng Xiang, Ouyang Qi, Wang Weirong, Chen Liyan, Li Penghua, Lin Wentong, Lan Xizhe, Chen Jinneng, Huang Yi, Lin Shumei, Lin Xiaoming, Wu Duanren, Yan Zhu, Zhong Xian, You Zhihua, Yao Minghai, Lin Caimei, Ke Junqing, Ye Huanjie, Zhang Jiankang, Yang Hui, Zhang Yongjian, Liao Zihao, Li Yuan, Ye Jialin, Tang Yinshu, Gao Lanlan, Lin Liangliang, Lin Weixin, Yu Li, Fan Yaodeng, Zheng Jianquan, Luo Songbai, Chen Rongbin, Wang Jiewei, Li Chunling, Lin Xin, Luo Ting, Yang Juguang, Zhang Hanqing, Zheng Huabin, Zheng Weiqi

4. Excellent Party Workers (9)
Huang Jianjian, Zhu Hongzhi, Yu Jianyang, Zhao Xiaoyi, Lin Aili, Jie Yuzhen, Chen Qiongfeng, Sun Peng, Chang Juan