Hold high the banner to the future - party building + brand project construction    

Golden Egret

Systematization of organizational structure: establish a work system of "vertical to the end, horizontal to the edge, and comprehensive coverage";

Specialization of the party affairs team: to create a work team with "sufficient quantity, optimized structure, and professional quality";

Substantiation of the party building position: forming a good layout of "global coverage, standardized management, and functional focus";

Explicit brand image: establish an organizational image of "political firmness, integration and co-construction, and a promising position".

Party Building + Twelve Characters Action    

Party building

Strong Organization

Promote Business

Increase Benefit

Party building brand work system    


one high

One high

High-end manufacturing


Two New

Two New

New journey

New responsibility


Three First

Three First

Pioneer model
First try
Advanced manufacturing


Four Combine

Four Combine

Combining organizational effectiveness and productivity
Combining political and human resources

Combining theoretical learning with skill learning
Combining political culture with corporate culture


Five Together

Five Together

Full staff
File Qi
Think together
Action Qi
Propaganda Qi