Visiting companies to expand jobs and promote employment, creating a new chapter for win-win cooperation - Jiang Xianli, secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen City Vocational College, and his party went to Xiamen Golden Egret for an …

Release Time:2022-06-21


In order to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, realize resource sharing, and explore solutions to student employment problems and corporate employment problems, Xiamen City Vocational College Party Secretary Jiang Xianli, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office Zhou Yuzhe, Dean of Intelligent Manufacturing Institute Ma Jinzhong, and General Branch Secretary Ma Self-improvement, vice president Chen Jianyi, and employment director Tu Xiaoting went to Xiamen Golden Egret on May 26 to conduct a visit to the company and expand the post.



Warm congratulations on the official launch of our official website!

Release Time:2020-07-09


Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy  Co., Ltd., established in 1989, is a Sino-foreign joint venture national high-tech...



Golden Egret trade union participated in the 2021 employee Spring Festival Gala audition performance by Xiamen Federation of Manufacturing Trade Unions

Release Time:2020-10-15


On the afternoon of October 14, 2020, the 2021 employee Spring Festival Gala audition performance of Xiamen Federation of Manufacturing Trade Unions was held in the multi-functional hall on the first floor of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. In order to actively promote the company in the industry, our labor union actively responded to the call and participated in this audition with a song program.



In 2020, the city's major science and technology project "development and application of solid carbide coated tools for difficult-to-machine materials" was approved with government funding of 6.82 million yuan

Release Time:2020-10-16


Recently, Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau issued the "Notice on the Release of the First Batch of Major Science and Technology Projects (Industrial and Information Technology) and Funding Funding in 2020" (Xia Ke Zi Bei [2020] No. 38), our company The project "Development and Application of Solid Carbide Coated Tools for Difficult-to-Machining Materials" led by the company was approved, and the project received 6.82 million yuan of government funding, of which 1.97 million yuan belonged to our company.



The company was interviewed by the Xiamen Television News program "Deciphering the "Invisible Champion" of Xiamen's Manufacturing Industry

Release Time:2020-10-19


Recently, the program group "Demystifying the "Invisible Champions" of Xiamen Manufacturing Industry of Xiamen TV News conducted interviews and reports on the cemented carbide products selected by our company as "Single Champion Products" of Fujian Manufacturing Industry in 2018.



The company successfully passed the safety standardization three-level compliance review

Release Time:2020-10-26


On October 23, the expert group entrusted by Tong'an District Emergency Management Bureau came to our company for safety standardization review and evaluation. The three-person evaluation team conducted a careful inspection of our company's production site, operation conditions, safety management documents, etc. Finally, after the evaluation of the members of the expert group, they agreed that our company's safety production management level has reached the safety standardization level 3 enterprise standard, with a score of 72.3 Points (90 points for the first-level compliance line, 75 points for the second-level compliance line, and 60 points for the third-level compliance line).

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