Xiamen Golden Egret takes multiple measures to carry out safety production month activities

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【Brief description】 Since June, under the leadership and deployment of the company's safety committee, the company has carried out extensive and in-depth safety production month activities around the theme of "complying with the safety production law and being the first responsible person". The employees of all departments responded positively and the activities were carried out in full swing.

Since June, under the leadership and deployment of the company's safety committee, the company has carried out extensive and in-depth safety production month activities around the theme of "complying with the safety production law and being the first responsible person". The employees of all departments responded positively and the activities were carried out in full swing.

1. Organize centralized publicity and create an atmosphere of activities

1. On May 27th, the safety production month kick-off meeting was held. The general manager of the company and the general manager of the business department attended the meeting, and the managers of various production outlet departments and safety officers attended the meeting. The safety month activity plan was introduced at the meeting: the highlight of this year's activity is that on the basis of previous years' projects such as finding faults and knowledge contests, it closely follows the theme of "being the first responsible person" in the safety month, and adds all staff safety responsibilities Exams, and summarizing and evaluating the safety work of each department in the past year. After the meeting, various departments carried out mobilization and deployment separately, and mobilized employees to participate extensively.

2. Hang and post Safety Month banners and posters in conspicuous positions in the factory area, and widely publicize the theme of Safety Production Month and related activities through WeChat public account push, electronic screen scrolling, etc., to make the activity atmosphere "hot".



3. All departments carry out safety oaths and safety morning meeting learning activities, so that the awareness of safety responsibility is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

2. Carry out training and education, and listen to top leaders talk about safety laws



1. The general manager gave a safety law popularization class for production managers at the safety month kick-off meeting, and gave a vivid and detailed explanation around the new safety production law and the "Fifteen Hard Measures for Safety Production", requiring the company to establish a top-down Safety awareness, be the first responsible person.

2. All departments organize employees to watch safety education videos such as safety production law popularization videos, "Life is more important than Mount Tai", road traffic safety, etc., and organize accident reflection training and post KYT assessment. The company uses the security information system to count the training participation of employees in various departments in the background to ensure full coverage.

3. Actively mobilize employees to participate in the national safety production month "How much do you know about the new safety law" online knowledge contest. As of June 30, a total of more than 2,160 people participated in the online answering questions, with a total score of 117,000. The overall score and employee participation rate are among the best in the jurisdiction.

3. Organize special inspections to build a solid foundation for safety



1. In June, Xiamen Tungsten Group commissioned Bureau Veritas to carry out safety inspection and audit work in our company, pointed out the shortcomings of on-site safety management, and put forward suggestions for improving safety work. Our company will strictly formulate and implement rectification measures for hidden dangers, and complete the rectification on schedule.

2. The deputy general manager of the company leads the team and organizes safety personnel and electrical technical professionals to conduct special inspections of safety month and hidden dangers of electric control cabinets. The company also organized security personnel to conduct cross-safety inspections in each factory area to promote safety communication and improvement in each factory area. All departments carried out in-depth self-inspection and self-correction of potential safety hazards, and department managers led teams to carry out "pull-net" investigations to ensure safety without leaving any dead ends.

4. Organize safety responsibility exams and be the first responsible person



Only when the responsibility is in the heart can the responsibility be practiced. Focusing on the theme of "being the first responsible person", the company organized and carried out safety responsibility examinations for all employees. Managers such as directors, department managers and section chiefs of each business unit are centrally assessed by the safety and environmental protection department, and the squad leaders and ordinary employees are assessed by each department. Pass the exam to sound the safety alarm bell, ensure that all levels of the company fulfill their responsibilities from top to bottom, and consolidate the safety responsibility system for all employees.

Fifth, strive to be the whistleblower and find hidden dangers around you

Safety must rely on the strength of the masses, and organize and carry out the "I am the safety whistleblower" hidden trouble finding activity. Employees from all departments participated actively, and reported nearly 1,000 hidden trouble finding projects. Through comprehensive and meticulous self-examination and self-correction in each link, potential safety hazards are eliminated in the bud.

6. Strengthen emergency drills to ensure preparedness






In the safety month, various departments organized and carried out nearly 20 emergency drills in various subjects, including fire fighting, emergency evacuation, abnormal handling of equipment water and power outages, elevator failure trapping people, hydrogen leakage, alcohol leakage, dust collection pipeline fire and other drills. Through actual combat drills, the emergency plan was tested and perfected, and the emergency skills of employees were improved.

Seven, carry out interesting activities, entertaining






All departments gave full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and organized a variety of safety and fun activities, including fire hose bowling, safety cartoons, family messages, safety knowledge competitions, safety vocabulary you play I guess, collaborative combat comparison, Fire equipment and soldiers will be deployed and other activities. Improve employee engagement through entertaining activities.

The safety month activities in June are in full swing, and the end of the blink of an eye is coming to an end. But production safety is not limited to the month of safety, the alarm bell must be kept ringing, and constant efforts must be made. In the second half of the work, the company will continue to strengthen the awareness of safety production responsibility, strictly implement the main responsibility for safety, build a safety production line of defense, and ensure that the annual safety production goal is achieved.



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