Die Steel-processed Hard Alloy End Milling Cutter
Common Steel-processed Cutters UP210 and SP210

UP210/SP210 cutters show excellent cost performance in the cutting process of common steel and cast iron materials with the hardness of less than HRC48, and are indispensable choices of customers to reduce the production cost and improve the product competitiveness.
UP210 cutters belong to universal products: they are applicable for machine tools under various working conditions, even can still exert their excellent cutting performance under the condition of insufficient rigidity of machine tools; this series of cutters are mainly applied to small knifing & large broadening milling and large knifing & small broadening side milling, even can still exert their excellent cutting performance in shallow slot processing (less than one half of the blade diameter); UP210 cutters are applicable for many cooling modes such as oil mist cooling (near-dry cutting), water cooling, oil cooling, compressed air cooling, etc., especially for oil mist cooling and air cooling, which is an important measure of reducing the production cost and environmental pollution.
SP210 cutters belong to high-performance cutters, and have the main performance of efficient cutting. SP210 cutters adopt a special damping and shockproof design, are matched with excellent AlCr series PVD coatings, and are allowed to efficiently machine workpieces in the milling process through high rotation speed, large knifing and large broadening. Meanwhile, this series of cutters also have corresponding requirements on machine tools, namely high rotation speed and high rigidity.

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