45° Double Positive General Face Milling — MFA145 + SEET

Product Features
High stability: The close design of chip-room reduces the amount of metal removal and improves the body rigidity significantly. Stable face milling can be realized even under high-load cutting condition.
Long life: Special high strength alloy steel body, special surface processed, with superior damage resistance, high heat resistance and superior corrosion resistance. The combined with high strength and abrasion resistance inserts increases the overall tool life significantly.
High precision: The international leading first-class processing equipment and high levels of advanced manufacturing technology process high-end products for you. We will gave you the great production manufactured by the great machine with great processing we have
Usability: Installation and replacement of inserts can be quickly completed since the Insert is clamped by screw.
Universality: optimized combination of geometries and grades with higher efficiency and better performance can be widely applied in various cutting environments.
Economical: Brand new face milling products with great cost-performance to save your cutting cost.


General Shoulder Milling — MEA190

Product Features
General part processing and mold processing, first choice for square shoulder face milling;
High rigidity design, reliable rugged design
Excellent body manufacturing technology
Suitable for large cutting depth;
11° positive insert


General Profiling Milling — MPA100 & MPB100





1.Excellent tool material and nickel plated to ensure the cutter body has a good life;     
2. The big chip-room make the chip evacuation easily and enhance heat dissipation
3. Positive axial rake angle,it effectively reduces cutting resistance and makes cutting smoothly;
4. Clamped the inster strength by screw and plate ,effectively preventing rotation of the blades during the process of machining;


1.Fixed with RD insert;
2.Particularly suitable for Plunge Milling.

1.Fixed with RP insert;
2.Good impact resistance, excellent performance in roughing.

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