Universal Fine Finish Shaping Turning Blade
GP Groove Type+ GP1115/GP1225/GP3125/GP1125/GK1115 Marks

The GP groove type which can be widely applied to cylindrical turning and boring of various materials features high universality and stable service life.
The strength of the cutting edge is improved by its flat edge and low rake angle combination; the cutting process can be more stably controlled by its peninsula-shaped chip breaker groove; its unique double rake angle design ensures both the sharpness and strength.
From finishing to semi-finishing, GP1115 steel is applicable for high-speed continuous cutting.
GP1225 is applicable for semi-finishing to slight roughing of steel and alloy steel in the unstable state, is allowed to be slightly impacted, and can be used for machining outer circles and inner holes of pinions, flanges, pistons, hydraulic cavities, automobile spare parts, etc.
GP3125 is applicable for low-speed machining occasions of common steel or soft steel with high dimensional accuracy requirements, and can be allowed to have unstable conditions such as bent axle before heat treatment.
GK1115 is a preferred choice of cast iron semi-finishing, is applicable for medium & high-speed semi-finishing to slight roughing of cast iron under common working conditions, can also bear slight interrupted cutting at the medium speed, and is applied to the machining of spare parts such as hydraulic parts, bearing seats and cylinder sleeves.
GM1125 is applicable for high-speed semi-finishing to slight roughing occasions of stainless steel under stable working conditions, and is applied to various industries such as fluid valve parts, food processing machinery, automobile spare parts, pipe connecting pieces, ship parts, hydraulic parts, engineering machinery, long-axis parts of universal machinery, decorative parts and household equipment parts.

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