Cast Iron Roughing Minus Turning Blade
HK Groove Type + GK1115/GK1125 Marks

HK groove type is a special groove type specially researched and developed for cast iron machining, and is matched with two marks, GK1115 and GK1125, which respectively solve the problems of high-speed cast iron cutting under common working conditions and unstable, large knifing, high feeding and other machining processes under severe working conditions with high tenacity requirements.
By deeply combining the wide edge of HK groove type and large chip flutes & shallow slots, high feeding machining and stable cutting can be realized. High-strength blade edges show more excellent performance in the intermittent cutting and descaling cutting processes. Meanwhile, it generates small cutting resistance in the machining process, thus effectively prolonging its cutting life.
GK1125 is a preferred mark for cast iron machining. By basically combining special coatings and high-tenacity fine-grain matrixes, its tenacity is greatly improved while its high abrasion resistance is realized. GK1125 has a wide application range, and can easily respond to continuous machining to high-continuity machining. It has high stability and excellent performance under severe working conditions with high machining tenacity requirements, and particularly shows excellent performance in the field of large knifing & high feeding large cast iron part roughing. Parts machined by it can be widely applied to the machining fields such as the machining of differential mechanism parts of automotive drive sections, hubs and other parts of automobile transmissions, brake disc & brake drum parts of automotive brake sections, cylinders and valves of large engines, etc.
GK1115 is allowed to have higher cutting speed in the process of machining nodular cast iron and grey cast iron. It is applicable for high-speed cast iron semi-finishing & finish turning occasions under stable cutting working conditions, and shows excellent performance under the working conditions of relatively small machining workpieces, medium & high cutting speed and high smoothness requirements on workpiece surfaces. It can be applied to the machining fields from the machining of air conditioner, refrigerator & compressor spare parts and machine tool shaft parts to the machining of pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, pipe fittings, wear parts and other parts in the industry of automobiles and ships.

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