UP210 Endmills for General Purpose
• Suitable for Steels & Cast Iron(≤48HRC).
• High Performance AlCr Series Coating,High Temperature Resistance and Well Wear Resistance.
• Machining Methods :
To Meet the Small Depth , large Width in  Profiling ; 
the large depth , small width  in Side Milling ;            
less than 0.5D in Shallow Slotting.
• Coolant Type:Apply to Oil Mist, Soluable, Air Cooling and various Cooling Conditions.

SP210 Endmills for High Efficiency Milling
• Suitable for High Efficiency Machining of Steels & Cast Iron(≤48 HRC) .
• Variable Helix Angle and Differential Flute Pitch, Reduces Vibration.
• Applicable to High Efficiency Machining of large cutting depth (ap), large cutting width (ae) .

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