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QF Geometry
• Changed chip flow and improved chip control at small depths of cut due to twin dots near corner.
• Variable range angle provides enough edge strength at different depth of cut.
• Well-balanced combination of sharpness and toughness, smooth chip discharge due to curved edge.
• Good chip control with an excellent surface finish at small depths of cut.
• Suitable for finishing of steel with excellent cutting performance at small depths of cut and low feeds.

QM Geometry
• Smooth chip discharge due to wide chip pocket.
• Good balance of sharpness and strength due to variable land
• Good chip control at low depth of cut and broadened cutting region due to gradient and waved hump.
• Strengthening rib decreases the contact area between the insert surface and chips, resulting in low chip removal resistance and improves cutting edge strength.
• Providing good chip control, low cutting force and high edge strength for medium cutting to heavy Excellent cutting performance at semi-finishing to light roughing condition.

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