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YS Series Solid CBN Inserts

• Suitable for rough machining,semi-finishing and finishing of castironand quenched workpiece.
• 100% solid CBN insertscan make full use of the entire cutting edge,enablesmuch deeper depths of cut.
• Combinedabrasion resistance and impact resistance, provides superior machining characteristics.
• All available cutting edges, reducing total cost.
• Environmentally friendly dry cutting

YP series Tipped PCBN Inserts

• Suitable for processing hardened tool steel with hardness above HRC45, cast iron and PM.
• Good surface roughness when cutting with high speed, outstanding consistency of the workpiece.
• Good stability, precise tolerance, simple to index inserts accurately, with excellent repeatability.
• Automated high accuracy and quality braze, for ideal consistence results.
• Dry cutting, green environmental protection.


DX Series PCD Precision Endmills


• Specific micro-structure PCD provide maximum resistance to abrasive wear.
• Optimized carbide shank substrate for increased tool body stiffness and integrity.
• Micro-edge geometry minimizes cutting forces.
• Strengthening radii at intersection of tool body and shank.
• Optimized chip gullet allows free chip flow away from cutting zone during high speed machining.
• Special design to enhance the edge sharpness and improve the cutting stability.


DH series PCD Precision Aerospace Countersink

• Unique selection of PCD to improve abrasion resistance of the cutting tool.
• Special substrate with high performance and longer tool life.
• Large angle to enhance the edge sharpness.
• Larger chip groove to improve chip flow.
• Spiral angle design to improve the cutting stability.

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