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Stainless Steel Semi-finishing Minus Turning Blade
SM Groove Type + GM1125/GM3125 Marks

SM blades are specially designed for semi-finishing of stainless steel, and are matched with two marks, GM3125 and GM3125.
The design feature of SM groove type is double rake angle, ensuring both the sharpness and the strength of the cutting edge. Due to the design of its narrow blade strip, the cutting resistance is reduced, and it can be used even on machine tools with lower rigidity. The circumferential two-sided chip breaker groove can discharge chips smoothly due to its large chip space, and is applicable for various working conditions.
Introduction to Mark Features:
GM3125, with PVD coatings and stainless steel preferred marks, is applicable for common working conditions. Combining submicron grains and newly-developed TiAlN coatings with nanometer structures, it has excellent built-up edge resistance and flaking resistance. It is applicable for common working conditions, and also applicable for intermittent processing and other relatively rugged working conditions.
GM1125 has CVD coatings and recommended marks for high-speed stable working conditions of stainless steel. Its abrasion resistance is greatly improved by superfine coatings; and by applying a special surface treatment technology to blades, its cutting resistance is greatly reduced, and the generation of built-up edges is prevented. It shows excellent performance under high-speed stable working conditions.
SM groove types are applicable for semi-finishing to slight roughing, have higher universality, and are applied to the machining of stainless steel spare parts in the industries such as fluid valve parts, food processing machinery, automobile spare parts, pipe connecting pieces, ship parts, hydraulic parts, engineering machinery, long-axis parts of universal machinery, decorative parts and household equipment parts.

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