Customer Satisfaction Cutting Tool Brand


In Feb. 26th, 2014, the result of 3rd "Customer Satisfaction Cutting Tool Brand", jointly held by Metal Processing Magazine and China Metal Cutting Toll Engineering Association, is announced. Our company is awarded the reputation of "Customer Satisfaction Cutting Tool Brand".


The award ceremony is held in the afternoon of 26th in Shanghai, Jiang Tao, the Marketing Deputy General Manager represents the company to receive the award. The cutting tool user survey analyzes the current cutting tool market objectively with a practical attitude. The survey has the nature of fairness, equitability and authority. And it lasts more than half a year. The survey content is practical and has authority and will lead for cutting tool enterprises to develop market and business. The mainstream media such as Xinhua, Ifeng, Sohu, NetEase and many industry websites cover the survey.


The other enterprises awarded "Customer Satisfaction Cutting Tool Brand" include Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chengliang Tools Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tool Works Co., Ltd., CENTRIX-EG, Ltd., Harbin No. 1 Tools Factory, Suzhou AHNO Precision Cutting Tool Technology Co., Ltd. and Ever Sharp Tools Co., Ltd.

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